88 Secret Solutions to business miscommunication

2021.02.22 / GlobusConsulting

The ultimate businessperson's guide to communication in 2020 and beyond!
Dreaming of being an executive—or communicating like one? This book is written by one and gets you 88 steps closer to your dream.

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Perfect For:
- Anyone wishing to fast-track their overall communication skills development
- Businesspeople of all ages needing an edge in the hyper-competitive workplace
- Executives looking to refine their communication toolkit
- Zero-experienced college grads transitioning to the chaotic working world

You'll Discover:
- 88 of our biggest communication problems...and 88 proven solutions
- An ideal way to communicate with anyone anywhere on this planet
- Time-saving tricks and strategies for impactful communication
- Saying (much) more with (much) less—not less with more
- 286 easy-to-use key communication takeaways
- Step-by-step logic-based communication
- How top businesspeople at global Fortune 500 companies message, email, present, persuade, report, call, meet and negotiate for success

Brent—an MBA, ex-banker/analyst and CEO—and his team have trained more than 500,000 expats and locals from over 100 countries worldwide. His inspiration for writing this book? Miscommunication, costing global businesses billions annually! But why is there so much of it? Because there are

over 7.4 billion People
from 195 Countries
working at 50,000 Companies
on just 1 Planet

It's a perfect storm. So, his inspiration was overcoming this miscommunication with one proven default system. That system is this book.