Remote Communication Secrets

2021.02.22 / GlobusConsulting

Objective: Communicate quickly and effectively from remote locations and offices

- 13 Biggest Problems: 01 Not Getting Points Across, 02 Answering Unclearly, 03 Arranging Calls, 04 Mismanaging Politeness, 05 Team Spirit, 06 Dead Conference Calls, 07 Mishandling Key Info, 08 Missing meeting direction, 09 Losing meeting time, 10 Lacking call comprehension, 11 Emailing ineffectively, 12 Updating Managers poorly, 13 Incorrect Medium

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- Global Best Solutions: Get Points Across Remotely, Set Calls Professionally, Over-Update Effectively, Choose Optimal Medium, etc.                                                                

Duration: 1-day or 2-half day

Delivery: Online by WebEx, Zoom MS Teams, etc

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